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12 Reasons Why Most Traders Fail / Lose Money ?

12 reasons most traders fail and lose money trading
- They risk too much and gain so little.
- They trade wittih the probabilities against them.
- They think trading is easy money
- Focus on money not learning to trade.
- They blow up due to position size. We feel we've found the holy grail and risk too much.
- No understanding of mathematical risk of ruin. People underestimate how the laws of probability can work against you. Even if you have the greatest strategy in the world you can still have a long series of successive losing trades.
- Blindly follow a guru that leads them to destruction. There are lots of people out there who are claiming to be trading experts but if you follow them you will end up in the bin.
- Don't do their homework.
- They look for trades instead of a method.
- They quit when they realise the work needed. It is not easy work - trading is not about luxury life and luxury yachts.
- They are crushed by the learning curve.
- They are not willing to pay the tuition. The time involved and sacrifices you have to make without any guarantees of success.

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