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AOL RIse and Fall: A Chaotic History

America Online (AOL) was a company that helped shape the internet as we know it today. It became a giant of the Dotcom world and was even a part of the biggest corporate merger in history. But, just as it was great, it was flawed. America Online went from being the biggest player in the market to an underachieving integration. How? Today, you've got mail, and it's about America Online.

AOL rise and fall

0:00 - Intro
0:57 - AOL: Humble and visionary beginnings
2:30 - AOL: The boom of the internet
4:46 - AOL: Growth and growth
6:09 - AOL: The merger
7:03 - AOL and the dot-com bubble
8:32 - AOL: A failure to change
9:46 - AOL: Post-merger

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