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Bird: the end of electric scooters?

It wanted to change commuting: no easy task. And it would do so with electric scooters.
In a little over a year, it reached a billion-dollar valuation and flooded cities with its products. With a disruptive CEO, the right product, and a do first, ask later attitude, this company was well on its way to achieving its goal.

But 2020 rolled along. The global health crisis turned transportation upside down and revealed what was happening behind closed doors. It seemed out of a movie, but it was real life.
In this Company Forensics episode, we talk about a young, promising company with a dark side: Bird.

0:00 Bird: Intro
0:58 Bird: The origins
2:44 Bird: Changing the world, one scooter at a time
3:31 Bird: Interesting business practices
4:51 Bird: Growing and growing
6:12 Bird: Ups and downs
7:14 Bird: An unforgiving year
8:33 Bird: Black and gray

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