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Boosted Boards: from flight risk to $70 million failure

Boosted boards are out of business: What happened?

Electric Skateboards have always been cool. But when someone decided to put a motor in them, they became even cooler, all hazards aside, of course. And with this latest trend of micro-mobility and ?last-mile? vehicles, it might come as a surprise that the first motorized skateboards exist since the early 70s. But the Boosted board elevated the game. If this company had successful products, with millions in investment, a cult-like following, and even the endorsement of one of YouTube's biggest stars, why did it fail?
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00:00 - Introduction
1:22 How Boosted Began
3:43 - Is that smoke?
5:10 - A new era
6:32 - Trade war, competition, and cost
7:23 - Cost cuts and downfall

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