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Budget airline stocks are running circles around the big guys — here's why: CNBC After Hours

CNBC's Pippa Stevens brings you the day's top business news headlines. On today's show, Leslie Josephs breaks down the recent surge in air travel, and why shares of budget airlines like Spirit are outperforming bigger corporations like Delta and United. Plus, Dick's Sporting Goods takes aim at Lululemon as it enters into the trendy and lucrative mens athleisure market.

00:00 -- Intro
0:32 -- Stocks closed mixed 1 year after historic 3,000 point drop on the Dow
1:28 -- Air travel bounces back, budget airlines outpace bigger rivals
3:44 -- CNBC Soundcheck
6:00 -- Loungewear here to stay?
9:00 -- Numbers round

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