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DoorDash IPO Breakdown in 20 Minutes (or less)

2020 was a record year with over $140 billion raised via 383 IPOs and the DoorDash IPO is set push these numbers even higher. The DoorDash IPO is scheduled to take place today, on December 8th, a month that's usually quiet for public debuts but with how the market is boiling hot right now, it doesn?t really matter. Here is my bottom line about this Initial Public Offering: DoorDash is a good company with 18 million customers. DoorDahs provides a valuable last-mile product transportation service to local retailers in the U.S., Canada and Australia, mainly food and retail deliveries. It has over 390,000 merchants and it will get the symbol DASH on the New York Stock Exchange, but I think the current valuation of about $30 billion is way to high and at $90 per share, this IPO is overvalued and I am not going to buy any shares unless it comes down to about $55 - $60 per share.

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