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Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos: The Race To $1 Trillion

Have you ever wondered whether anybody is on track to be worth over $1 trillion? So far, only companies have reached the threshold, but the world's first individual trillionaires are said to be alive today.

But, such high values come with a lot of uncertainty, owing to the fact that countless variables can affect the stock price of a company which can see it grow or shrink in an instant. So far, only a handful of companies have had a crack at the trillion dollar title, but market fluctuations have caused them to dip in and out of the club..

Apple became the first US company back in 2018 to wear the crown, while Amazon followed suit later that year. Microsoft joined rival Apple later in 2019 when it had its first taste, but it wasn't until 2020 that Google's parent company Alphabet entered the club. These companies have had membership to the trillion dollar company club frozen and reactivated at various points since first entering, but at the time of writing all companies remain active members. The hustle and commotion, of course, put Chinese oil and gas giant PetroChina under threat as the only crown bearer. Today, its value is significantly less than the tech companies.

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