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How Gene Editing Will Change The World

A revolution is taking place in science, one that could potentially cure all disease, nourish the starving millions, and ultimately transform humanity into a race of hyper-intelligent super-beings.

Brand new techniques enabling scientists and clinicians to manipulate and change the very genetic code of life itself are coming on-stream fast – and the implications are awe-inspiring, if not a little frightening. So join us today as we peer down the microscope for a glimpse of just how gene editing can change the world.

Back in 2018, a Chinese scientist called He Jianjui made headlines around the world by announcing the birth of the first ever gene-edited babies. An associate professor and biophysics researcher, He claimed to have used the sophisticated new DNA editing technique known as CRISPR to manipulate a gene called CCR5 in a pair of twin girls, named Nana and Lulu. This CCR5 gene codes for a particular protein that allows HIV to infect human cells. By disabling this specific gene, He claimed to have genetically engineered Nana and Lulu to be resistant to diseases.

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