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How I Sold My Start-Up To Lululemon For $500 Million

Meet Brynn Putnam. The CEO and founder secured $3 million in venture capital to fund her tech-based fitness company MIRROR on the same day that she gave birth to her son.

In the summer of 2020, Putnam sold MIRROR for $500 million to Lululemon. The pandemic has been good for business. MIRROR ads are plastered across New York's subway, airing on TV and clogging up social media channels.

But selling a company for half a billion dollars is just a small part of her story and frankly, not even the most interesting.

There are three numbers to watch out for in this story. $15,000: The amount Brynn had in her savings when she quit ballet. $3 million: Her first outside investment. $500 million: The amount she sold MIRROR for in 2020.

Here's how Brynn Putnam built a company worth half a billion dollars in just two years.

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