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How Reddit traders drove GameStop stock up 275% in a week: CNBC After Hours

CNBC's MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day's top business news headlines. On today's show, reporters from across the CNBC newsroom explain the GameStop phenomenon, in which a Reddit-fueled rally to punish short sellers is sending the stock skyrocketing above its fundamental valuation. Plus, a titan of the private equity industry steps back after an external review uncovered $160 million in payments to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

00:00 -- CNBC After Hours: Jan. 26, 2021
0:38 -- Major averages finish the day lower
1:34 -- How Reddit traders are sending GameStop stock soaring
4:43 -- CNBC Soundcheck
6:55 -- Leon Black steps down as Apollo CEO
10:10 -- Numbers Round

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