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How Robinhood App Crashed on the best day in Wall Street history

Historically, the stock market seemed impossible to get into, especially if you were a younger, inexperienced investor. But, in 2013, an app came to make trading more accessible. Robinhood App had arrived.
Its recipe became a magnet for rookie investors, with hundreds of thousands flocking to use it. Some called the software disrupting, while others called it democratizing. One thing was clear: Robinhood shook the trading world.
But recent times have not been kind. Tragedies, outages, and a chaotic financial world have put the company to the test. Let's talk about Robinhood, in this episode of Company Forensics.
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0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Robinhood: The origins
2:42 - Robinhood: Establishment and Growth
3:32 - Robinhood: Shaking Tradition and Intriguing Questions
5:52 - Robinhood: Rocky Roads
9:14 - Robinhood: Recent Developments

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