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How The Hyperloop One Will Revolutionize Transportation

Established in 2014, and undergoing a rebranding in 2017, Virgin Hyperloop One aims to revolutionise the way we think of transport. The concept is actually built on the dreams of Massachusetts-born physicist, engineer and inventor Robert Goddard from way back in 1910, but since then we haven?t seen anything quite like it. The race is on with various companies competing to be the first to offer Hyperloop travel, and Virgin may just be the one.

But what exactly is it? The concept is based on a futuristic-sounding levitating pod which travels through hundreds of miles of tunnels and tubes, linking cities in minutes, at speeds of up to 760 mph. This low turbulence and entirely autonomous service is designed to be quiet, direct and on-demand. It is a fusion of the three most efficient ways of travelling, combining the directness of a train, the speed of a plane, and the comfort and privacy of your own car, although we are likely to see larger pods with room for up to 28. For many, it seems a far cry from reality - the type of concept that would appear in late 1900s films alongside floating cars and robots. For Virgin Hyperloop One, it is a not-too-distant reality.

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