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How to Avoid Giving Back All Gains in Choppy/Range Bound Markets ?'?

How to avoid giving back all your gains in range bound conditions. This was originally a question from viewer Deep Saikia. I know this is frustrating - markets might have been experiencing good volatility with good daily ranges and then all of a sudden markets start to go flat with range bound conditions with choppy markets. You try the same strategies but end up losing money and its very frustrating. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't get involved at all but if you still want to trade during these market conditions I'm going to give some solutions.

1) If you want to stay involved in the markets how do you neutralise the choppines? One is range bars, another is heikin-ashi candlesticks and the third is moving averages. You are trying to limit the time you're trading.
2) How do you avoid getting involved in these markets? Do not get involved when the market conditions are like this? You will monitor things like ATR and candles.

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