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How to Pick A Trade: Best Practices for New Traders

With thousands of stock potentials, how do you find trades that best fit your trading style?

You can buy stocks when they hit new highs, ideally in a hot sector, with catalysts in your favor.

You can also short stocks, which is often just shorting scams.

Short sellers can look for the most exaggerated hype-filled promises. Chances are these stocks are bolstered by lies and will likely fail. It's just a question of when. This is why timing is everything in trading.

My take on it: Focus less on company stories and more on price action. Every now and then you can strike something huge, but if you're constantly chasing odds, you're basically gambling.

Learn to look for and trade the best setups. Don't play guessing games. Have the patience to wait. Use multiple indicators.

I need all my indicators to line up. I trade like a scaredy-cat. And that hurts me from making big gains like I used to, but I'm also living a rather stress-free life. I'm not a perfect trader, but I have decades of experience.

With proper knowledge, you can start to spot better plays. I know that you want action. I know you want trades. But it might be time to change how you think. Having the right mindset can shift how you approach the market and how you trade every day.

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