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How We Make A Living In The Gig Economy | Day In The Life Marathon

From owning a food truck to driving for Uber, grooming pets to delivering weed, CNBC Make It breaks down these top gig economy jobs and if they're really worth the effort.

Episodes featured:

00:00 -- Intro

00:32 -- Driving for Uber, Lyft and Juno
What's it really like to drive full-time in one of the busiest cities in America? I spent a day on the road with driver Al Castillo to find out.

4:43 -- Working on a NYC food truck
Food trucks are everywhere in most major cities in the United States, including New York City. To understand what it's really like to run a successful food truck, we spent a full day with the crew of Yumpling, which has served traditional Taiwanese food since 2017.

10:03 -- Working behind the scenes as a roadie
Eric Hillman is a roadie and guitar technician for multiple rock bands that travel across the world. His responsibilities include running a “bass rig” for P-Nut, the bass player of the band 311, managing the guitar for the band's lead singer/guitarist Nick Hexum and managing sounds from the side of the stage. Take a look inside his life on the road.

17:34 -- Professional matchmaker in NYC
Alisa Purifico believes your soulmate could be just a subway ride away. Watch the video to see how busy New Yorkers react to being approached by a professional matchmaker about finding love.

22:11 -- Running a dog grooming business in NYC
Laura Jayne Massaro has dreamed of running her own business ever since she discovered her passion for dog grooming. After countless trainings and apprenticeships, she was finally able to open Hair of the Dog mobile grooming spa in 2015. Her unique, portable dog-spa-on-wheels allows her to serve a multitude of neighborhoods while also making it easier to cater to elderly and disabled clientele.

27:26 -- Cat whisperer
When I saw an ad on Craigslist looking to hire cat whisperers, I knew I had to give this gig a shot. So I called up Pawfect Day, the New York City-based pet-sitting company hiring caretakers for cats who demand the royal treatment.

31:05 -- Delivering weed in Los Angeles
To get an idea of what it's really like to deliver weed, I spent a day with a driver from SpeedWeed, a delivery service based in Los Angeles. It's like Postmates or DoorDash, but for cannabis.

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