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Hummer - The Rise and Fall... And Rise Again

Hummer has historically been a brand known for its super heavy duty off-roaders which have been subject to a lot of scrutiny by environmentalists. It seems the brand has been on a bit of a gap year, taking time out to 'find itself.' The rebirth of the Hummer brand is now in full swing, and rumours are turning into facts about the latest model.

The Hummer EV will be an all electric model in two flavours, SUV and open-back pickup, and will borrow design cues from the original Hummer. These rugged off-roaders previously favoured diesel engines over petrol engines thanks to the high torque figures, but the 2022 model claims more than 26 times as much torque as the first generation H1. The EV promises more than 15,500 Nm, combined with 1,000 hp, in top spec.

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