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Inside Lucid Motors' $700 Million Factory

California company Lucid Motors is expected to become a big name in the future of car manufacturing, joining rivals Tesla at the top of the electric car market. Tesla, though, have had cars on the market since 2008, while Lucid have been biding their time for the 13 years since their foundation, dabbling on other markets and waiting for the time to strike.

That time is now. With their debut model the Lucid Air fully developed and production around the corner, Lucid have opened a massive facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. The company have ginormous production figures already outlined for their entry into what's sure to be a lucrative future market for more environmentally friendly transport.

The new factory runs to just under a million square feet, or around 17 American football fields, and cost around $700 million to set up. It's located between Tucson and Phoenix, off Interstate 10.

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