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Interview: Nikola Motor CEO Trevor Milton (Tesla Daily) (VTIQ, NKLA)

Nikola Motor's CEO and founder, Trevor Milton, joins Rob Maurer to discuss Nikola Corporation's merger with VectoIQ (VTIQ), Nikola's strategies, production roadmap, hydrogen vs. battery storage, battery breakthroughs, competition, and Nikola's lawsuit against Tesla.

0:00 VTIQ / NKLA Nikola merger
4:35 NKLA valuation
9:50 Nikola production roadmap
16:48 Hydrogen vs. batteries
19:53 Hydrogen well-to-wheel efficiency
24:35 Hydrogen storage vs. battery storage
28:52 Hydrogen station costs
30:28 Nikola's battery technology and alleged battery breakthrough
36:23 Nikola's service strategy
40:57 Nikola's short and medium term constraints
44:38 Nikola's lawsuit against Tesla
53:40 The end of diesel and legacy automakers
56:38 Hydrogen and battery powered aviation

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