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Is Tesla REALLY the most valuable car company?

When we hear about Tesla, we think of cars. But the company is much more than Falcon doors and crazy trucks; Tesla aims to revolutionize how we see sustainable living.
And in July of 2020, it became the most valuable car manufacturer in the world. But is it?
We're going to do things differently today. To help us learn more about living day-to-day with green tech, we joined Ben Sullins, a sustainable living expert who goes to great lengths to test and live with the newest green tech available. And, he test-drives Teslas, which is awesome.

This special Company Forensics will cover Tesla's rise to the top as well as its vision for the future.
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0:00 - Intro
1:17 - Tesla: The origins
3:42 - Tesla: Cars
6:45 - Tesla: Record highs
8:09 - Tesla: Powerhouse as a stepping stone
8:55 - Tesla: Interview with Ben Sullins

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