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Israel's Mobileye Is Winning Autonomous (Not Tesla or Google)

Because of the so many failed predictions by technologists such as Sergey Brin and Elon Musk, many people are writing off the imminence of a self-driving revolution ? but this is a mistake. Autonomous driving, much like the Apple iPhone, which was released in 2007, will change the world.

Everyone agrees that self-driving will change our lives, but the debate is when it will happen. This video goes through the most exciting company in the autonomous driving space, Mobileye, who has been at the forefront of driverless features since its co-founding in 1999 by Amnon Shashua. Shashua has been thinking about the problem of creating autonomous system since at least when he graduated from MIT in artificial intelligence in 1993.

What is interesting is that while Tesla, right now, takes up most of the oxygen in this space, Mobileye supplied Tesla with its technology in 2016 until Mobileye ended the partnership after a fatal accident.

Mobileye took many unique positions such as avoiding LIDAR early on; it did this because LIDAR systems were expensive meaning those who used LIDAR would lack sufficient data to check their systems. Mobileye?s rides in Jerusalem are impressive and unique for this industry. This video explores why Israel?s Mobileye is winning the autonomous driving race by looking at the company?s history, how the various sensors work and key decisions it has made.

Time Stamps:
Mobileye history and features: 3:02
Relationship with Google: 6:30
Relationship with Tesla: 9:10
Mobileye?s Unedited Jerusalem drives: 12:40
Mobileye?s master plan: 14:25
The different sensors (lidar, radar, ultrasonic and cameras): 17:03
Competition: 21:00
Nvidia: 21:00
Waymo and GM Cruise: 21:40
Tesla: 22:30
The Holy Grail: 25:49

1) (Aug 13, 2020): 23:34 We mention near the end that Mobileye is collecting more data than Tesla. Mobileye says it is getting data from over 1 M vehicles in the EU and nearly 1 M in the U.S. which is more than Tesla but it is unclear if they get more physical miles. Tesla does not often publish official stats as well but we can confidently say both companies are leaders in data accumulation. However, the point of that blurb was the belief that data alone can't solve this problem. The point is ME can challenge Tesla in data collection but we agree in ME's approach to create redundancy through 2 separate systems.

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