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Juicero: the $400 juicer that couldn't make juice

What happened to Juicero?

Can 60 seconds end a unicorn that managed to raise $120 million? If you ask Doug Evans, founder of Juicero, he will say yes.

On April 19, 2017, Bloomberg posted a video titled ?Do you need a $400 juicer?? and showed, in just one minute, that you could obtain the same results by squeezing the juice bags with the Juicero ultra technologic juicer and with ... well ... your own hands.

Five months later, the charm of the company ended up "fermenting" and there was no alternative but to recognize what was obvious: the cold-pressed juice startup came to an end.

But did the iMac of the juicers have a future? The investment and attention that attracted such important firms as GV formerly Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and even the Campbell Soup company made it seem so, but the story turned out different.

This is Startup Forensics: Juicero.

- Intro 00:00
- The birth and launch of a new idea - 1:22
- Expiration date - 6:59
- What went wrong - 8:50
- What to do to avoid a similar disaster? - 9:18

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