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Meet Tesla's Biggest Rival: The Lucid Air

Tesla is one of the world?s most influential companies and its sleek vehicles have become synonymous with electric car technology. But as the world transitions away from traditional combustion engines and adopts clean energy, Tesla has developed a number of intimidating competitors. Chief among them is Lucid Motors, who revealed their revolutionary Lucid Air in late 2016. So what exactly do we know about Tesla?s greatest rival?

When Lucid Motors first announced the Lucid Air back in 2016, it looked more like a cheap knock-off Tesla Model S. But in the subsequent years, Lucid Motors hired some of the most talented engineers in the business and developed a car with enough flair to make Tesla nervous. With up to 517 miles of EPA-estimated all-electric range and as much as 1080 horsepower, the Lucid Air has the stats to back up its futuristic image. To put this in perspective, the Model S only has a range of 402 miles?a full one hundred miles fewer than the Lucid Air.

Meet Tesla?s Biggest Rival: The Lucid Air

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