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New Report on “Driverless” Tesla Accident Adds Clarity + Solar Roof Lawsuit, Musk on SNL

➤ TSLA stock drops 6.5% to start the week
➤ NTSB releases preliminary report on Tesla accident said to be “driverless” by law enforcement
➤ Elon Musk hosts Saturday Night Live, brings Cybertruck to New York City
➤ Tesla faces possible class action lawsuit over Solar Roof price changes
➤ Tesla receives approval for limited Giga Berlin expansion
➤ Survey shows Tesla skyrocketing up rankings of preferred employers in Germany
➤ Expansion of Fremont general assembly area underway
➤ IDRA Group owner receives order for massive casting machine
➤ Panasonic discusses profitability of Tesla battery segment
➤ Ford sets date for all-electric Ford F-150 unveiling
➤ Toyota investors express concern over strategy

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