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Scalping! Ultimate Beginners Guide. Trading Education!

Join us for a step by step ultimate beginners guide to Scalping as a strategy. In this video we breakdown the concept and idea of using Scalping as your primary strategy. From definition to exits and entrees, risk management and finally putting it all together we walk you through the complete process of a scalp trade. In addition, you will hear multiple different ideas as to how and why to take a Scalp trade. We then cover breakouts, retracement trades and also the importance of support and resistance. Regardless of your trading experience level Scalping is a must know technique for short-term traders, join us as we break it down in this must watch video!
Topics Covered:
1. What is a Scalp trade?
2. Understanding proper Entries and Exits
3. Risk Management
4. Putting it all together
⏳ Outline:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Topics Covered
1:20 Lets define "Scalping" in trading
2:02 Understanding how working in extremely small increments can still be profitable
2:58 Lots of small winners can add up to big profits!
3:45 Time frame matters!
4:05 Smaller time frames may miss larger scale levels
4:50 Scalping on the 3 minute time frame
7:15 Finding entries and exits
9:00 Scalping using breakout levels
10:00 Scalping using prior support and resistance
12:15 Pockets of liquidity
14:00 Finding proper risk vs. reward
17:10 What happens when things don't go to plan?
21:45 Putting it all together
22:49 Using the Level 2 to confirm an important level
25:02 Adding vs. removing liquidity
27:25 The importance of understanding the level 2
29:45 Summary

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