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Tesla's Incredible Profitability - Pierre Ferragu & Rob Maurer Discuss Tesla

Pierre Ferragu of New Street Research joins Rob Maurer on Tesla Daily to discuss Tesla's return on investment, operating leverage, competitive positioning, delivery outlook, supply chains, cryptocurrency, and more.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Understanding Tesla's profitability
4:58 The right to make money
7:47 New Street's TSLA note - cash return
16:27 Operating margin outlook
20:53 Tesla vs. TSMC
27:04 Tesla vs. BMW / Daimler
29:34 Tesla's structural advantages
36:20 Does this increase Pierre's bullishness?
38:27 Accelerating growth
43:36 Pierre's new Model Y
45:14 Reaction to Tesla/Musk's involvement in cryptocurrency
52:02 What concerns are you hearing?
52:54 2021 delivery expectations

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