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The $25,000 Tesla Will Be A Game Changer

Right now, Tesla has a pair of saloons and a pair of SUVs in its lineup for the mass market, but CEO Elon Musk wants to shift the price point of the brand to make it more accessible. Earlier this year he teased his plans to announce a new, $25,000 model, which would significantly undercut many established rivals in the market. Before we delve into the possibilities of Tesla?s cheapest ever model, let?s take a look at how the company got to where it is today.

Tesla dates back to the late naughties, when in 2008 it launched its first generation Roadster. This was the company?s first attempt at producing a road-going electric car, so it took a formula that already worked, the Lotus Elise, and electrified it. The Roadster was the first EV to have a range of more than 200 miles, but this of course came at a cost. Entry-level models started at around $80,000, with later upgrades boosting the price up by at least another $50,000 in some instances.

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