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The death of Yahoo! (and how they almost bought Google)

What happened to Yahoo?

$125 BN. That's how valuable Yahoo! was at its peak; that was more than Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors combined. And it all began as a hobby. Yahoo! brought us many of the services we take for granted today, including cloud storage and setting up your website. But the name Yahoo! has disappeared, consumed in the food chain that is the tech world. How did it get to this? We'll tell you all about Yahoo! in this episode of Company Forensics.

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0:00 - Intro
0:50 - Yahoo! - The Origins
2:16 - Yahoo! - Growth
3:34 - Yahoo! - Successful Moves
4:46 - Yahoo! - The Downfall that came in Pieces
7:26- Yahoo! - No Vision
8:24 - Yahoo! - A Kingdom without Leaders

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