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The Engineering of The $150 Billion ISS

The international space station has been around for many years. Today we're looking at the insane specs of the ISS.

A matchless triumph of imagination and ingenuity, the International Space Station is among humanity?s truly landmark achievements. The most audacious, expensive and technologically complex structure ever built, it represents the ultimate expression of mankind?s boundless appetite for exploration and discovery.

This month marks the twentieth straight year that the International Space Station has been inhabited by astronauts. A remarkable milestone, and a tribute to the myriad strokes of engineering genius that contributed to the station?s construction. So today, we?re going to explore the insane engineering of the ISS.

Hurtling around our planet some 250 miles up in the sky, travelling at about 17,500 mph ? or five miles a second ? it?s strange how many of us seem to take this 460-ton football field-sized monster for granted.

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