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The History of Kraft Heinz

The story begins with the rise of Kraft. James L. Kraft founded the company in 1903, and he invented pasteurized cheese in 1915. But James L. Kraft didn?t start the Kraft we know today.

In 1930, Kraft, was bought-out by a giant, National Dairy Products, but as National Dairy expanded, Kraft became a more integral piece. By 1969, investors changed the name of the company from National Dairy Products to Kraftco Corp as most of the company's products were no longer milk related.

Fast forward to the 1980's, one of the largest companies, Philip Morris, the largest tobacco company, decided to expand its food empire. Just In 1985, it bought General Foods who made products such as Jell-O, and, in 1989, Philip Morris bought Kraft for $13.5 B.

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