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The Rise of Salesforce (Behind the Cloud Giant)

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, was interested in computers from a young age, and, before he went to university, he programmed video games for the Atari Console, which allowed him to pay for his college tuition. However, despite being strong in computers, he enrolled in business school and eventually started his career at Oracle, which was run by colourful founder Larry Ellison. After rising through the ranks at Oracle, Benioff left with Ellison?s blessing to start Salesforce in 1999.

Salesforce does customer relationship management software or CRM and is credited as being the first pure SAAS (Software as a Service) company. This is because it didn?t offer any downloadable software. The main idea of CRM software is that it can be anything that helps a company better interact with its customer. The original platform was for salespeople but has since expanded to include marketing, commerce, and customer service.

We go through the history of #Salesforce then we go through each of its products. We also provide an extra bonus valuation of the company?s stock at the end of the video, which can be downloaded on our Patreon page for free,
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0:00 ? The Rise of Salesforce
1:50 ? The Rise of Salesforce
17:30 ? What is Salesforce?
21:04 ? Bonus stock valuation, free download on Patreon page

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