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Top 10 Untold Truths of Dave & Buster's!!!

Do you know the top 10 untold truths of Dave & Buster's? Some say that Dave & Buster?s is the grownups? version of Chuck E. Cheese, that is, you come to D&B to play video games and pig out on pizza, burgers, hot dogs, or other fast foods. But Dave & Buster?s offers so much more: an unlimited variety of drinks (for adults, of course), sportscasts, video games, and sometimes, a pool table, blackjack tables or a bowling alley depending on which location you're at. So here is a list of the top 10 untold truths about Dave & Buster?s.

Dave & Buster's (D&B) is an American restaurant and entertainment business founded by David O. Corriveau & James W. "Buster" Corley in 1982 in Dallas Texas. Each Dave & Buster's has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade. As of October 2018, the company has 118 locations in the United States and Canada.

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0:36 Dave & Buster?s Adds the Impossible Burger
1:40 Dave & Buster's Has More Games than Any Arcade Out There
2:28 You Can Have it All for Just $17.99 at Dave & Busters
3:26 Dave & Buster?s Is the Corporate Sponsor of UFC
4:42 A Dave & Buster?s Dress Code To Tune Out the Gang Mentality
5:43 Some Dave & Buster?s Have an 11:00 PM Curfew
6:24 Dave & Buster?s: An Idea 10 Years in the Making With a 34-Year Homecoming
8:00 An Arcade for Grownups and Half-Price Wednesdays at Dave & Buster?s
9:25 At 117 Outlets Thus Far, Dave & Buster?s Is the Bromance Capital of North America
11:02 Hey...Dave & Buster?s Charging Stations Aren?t for Charging Your Smartphone

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