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TSLA All-Time High: Looking at Elon Musk's Compensation + Roadster Update, Tesla Diversity Report

? Taking a look at Elon Musk?s compensation plan as TSLA stock passes a $600B valuation and closes at yet another all-time high
? Musk compensation plan full explanation: https://youtu.be/XfHWl_Lhf5o
? Tesla updates accounts for Tesla Roadster referral winners
? @greentheonly on Twitter finds waypoint feature in Tesla firmware
? Tesla removes $1.49/W pricing on solar panels from its website
? Highlights from Tesla?s first annual diversity, equity, and inclusion report and comparisons to the automotive industry and localities
? SpaceX Starship SN8 test flight may occur on Tuesday, December 8

0:00 TSLA stock
0:48 Capital raise?
1:47 Musk?s compensation
5:49 Roadster update
7:34 Solar price change
9:05 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion report
15:37 China numbers, SpaceX

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