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What Ever Happened to Steve Eisman? (He Was Short Tesla, Is Short Canadian Banks)

Steve Eisman along with Michael Burry was featured in the book and movie called ?The Big Short.? Despite Eisman being one of the most legendary fund managers of the 2000s, he is a bit more secretive today. This video introduces Eisman and then focuses on many of his positions. We pay special attention to the stocks that he has been the most public about, including Tesla, GM, Canadian Banks, US Banks and SoftBank.

1) Who is Steve Eisman, 1:08
2) What is his new fund and strategies, 3:31
3) Tesla short, 4:43
4) Long GM, 9:10
5) Short Canadian banks: 12:38
6) Short SoftBank 15:42
7) Final Portfolio Review, 16:20

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