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What is Rhodium and Reasons Why I Invested

Rhodium is the second rarest element in the earths crust! As ive been building my precious metals collection over the years I became intrigued about rhodium a few years ago when I learned about it. This metal is the second rarest metal on the planet more rare than silver, gold, platinum, or palladium. It also has had wild periods of price action where it rallied many 100's of % . If you are going to have a collection of Precious Metals I would definately recommend throwing in some rhodium bars to give you more variety and diversity if you find it at the right buying opportunity. Rhodium is not a get rich quick type of investment. its a speculative metal that I like to hold in waiting for a shortage of the commodity to make the price skyrocket like it has in the past. Rhodium has the ability to make jewelry or other metals more resistance to rust and corrosion.

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