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When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 and What you NEED TO KNOW!

My email has been blowing up with questions of people asking me about Prime Day 2020 and when it is going to be. The Amazon Prime Day Sale 2020 is top secret, Amazon is not revealing when is amazon prime dat in 2020 or the best deals on amazon prime day 2020. HOWEVER, this video should give you some more insight and hope as to when it will happen and when is amazon prime day 2020 usa.

In this video The Deal Guy is explaining to you everything he is aware of about the amazon prime day sale 2020 and what the best amazon prime day 2020 deals will be according to his predictions and past prime days. You may have seen a video from Tech Burner about the Indian Amazon Prime Day, this should help you with USA prime day.

After watching this Amazon Prime Day video, I hope you have more of an insight than you did before. I love Amazon Prime Day and I really hope it happens before Black Friday and Cyber Monday :)

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