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Why Is SpaceX Interested In Natural Gas?

Elon Musk seems willing to try his hand at almost anything these days. From automobile mogul to space explorer, cryptocurrency provocateur and Neuroscience pioneer, the protean billionaire has his fingers in a frankly ludicrous number of pies.

So is he now about to add 'Texas petroleum baron' to his resume? According to some underground rumblings, Musk is feverishly buying up mineral rights in the oil-rich state, and a couple of offshore oil platforms for good measure. So join us today as we doff our ten-gallon hat and ask why is SpaceX interested in natural gas?

Suspicions around Musk's subterranean shenanigans were first aroused after a curious legal challenge brought before the Railroad Commission of Texas last month. The Railroad commission – which is confusingly named, as it hasn't had anything to do with railways for decades – is highly influential in granting drilling rights across the state.

Why Is SpaceX Interested In Natural Gas

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