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Why Solid State Batteries Are The Future

We're told that electric cars are the future. Petrol and diesel cars are to be banned in the UK by 2030, and many European countries and American states are following suit. But, although performance improves tenfold, skeptics still have their reservations about promised electric vehicle range.

Some diesel models today claim beyond 700 miles on one tank, some models up to 1,000, and although very few people will ever have the discomfort of driving that far in one trip, electric vehicle range is still a topic that needs addressing in order to entice more people to reduce their local emissions.

Right now, EVs average somewhere around 300 miles from one charge, a huge leap forward from the barely triple figures of the past, but a far cry from the modern day diesels that can achieve more than double this, previously a popular among environmentalists for its high mpg and low carbon emissions (despite higher nitrous oxides coming from the tailpipe compared to petrol engines).

What Are Solid State Batteries

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