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Why SpaceX's SN8 Was A Success Regardless

If your only source of news happened to be Elon Musk?s twitter feed, you?d be forgiven for thinking his Starship test launch in Boca Chica Texas the other day concluded with a total and unqualified success.
?Mars, here we come!!? Musk merrily tweeted, despite the fact his precious multi-million dollar spaceship had just spectacularly detonated all over the landing zone. .
?Successful ascent, switchover to header tanks & precise flap control to landing point!? Musk nonetheless enthused, even as his unmanned 16-storey rocket was smouldering hotly in a south Texas crater.
Today we?ll briefly be looking at why Elon Musk is so chirpy about the crash, and explaining why SpaceX SN8 was a success, regardless of its final outcome.

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