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Why Tesla Is More Than Just A Car Company

Elon Musk?s most famous creation, Tesla, is fast becoming a household name. Most of us have seen one, many of us aspire to own one, and some of us even drive one. We?re talking about Tesla?s roadgoing cars, the Model 3, Model S, Model Y and Model X, not forgetting the recent Roadster and Cybertruck of course! But in this video we will explore what it is to own a Tesla, and why the company is about more than just selling cars.

Let?s turn our attention to one of the world?s most successful companies, ever. Apple launched with the Mac, then brought personal music devices to the masses before revolutionising the smartphone. Everything that Apple has launched has been game-changing in one way or another, and now the focus has turned away from products and towards services, like the just-launched Apple One subscription. Customers do not simply own and use an Apple device, the chances are they have multiple devices, and are subscribed to a number of services. They are living in the Apple ecosystem.

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