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Will Elon Musk Become The World's Richest Person?

At the start of 2020, Tesla founder Elon Musk had every reason to feel pleased with himself. After all, he?d just been ranked the 35th richest person on earth. Not bad, for a self-made tech geek with rather niche interests in electric vehicles and space rockets.

Fast-forward to the end of 2020, however, and Elon Musk now finds himself ranked the second wealthiest human being alive, behind only Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos. Today we?re looking into the revenue streams which fed into his meteoric rise up the plutocrat pop charts, and asking the question on everybody?s lips ? will Elon Musk become the world?s richest person?

During the course of this year ? a year marked my financial strife and uncertainty for many people, it should be noted ? Elon Musk added around $100bn to his personal piggy bank. But how?

In November it was reported his net worth jumped a whopping $7.2bn, in just one month, when the share value of his car company Tesla surged.

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