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Zune vs iPod: How Microsoft let Apple take over the world

In the mid-2000s, Microsoft was riding high on the successful Xbox and established itself as the leading software for PCs. So, to them, it seemed natural to take on and dominate another market: mp3 players. But they were up against the iPod. To win, they needed to have all the parts of the equation right from the start. They didn't: what followed was an embarrassing attempt at being cool, with odd mistakes and even more unusual colors. We'll tell you all about that other mp3 player, the Zune, in this episode of Forensics.

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0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Zune: The Origins
3:25 - Zune: Performance
5:22 - Zune: Not Enough
7:50 - Zune's Legacy?

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