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Kevin O'Leary on Tesla, Big Tech, Airlines, Oil & Investing in Beanstox

0:00 - Introduction
0:20 ? What are Your Thoughts on Tesla?s Technology and Valuation?
3:39 ? Is Autonomy a Big Part of Tesla?s Valuation?
5:33 ? Are we in Another Tech Bubble?
8:10 ? Can the Tech Giants Keep Growing (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon)
10:20 ? Is the Chinese Market Worth Looking at?
12:00 ? Will the American Election Affect Certain Sectors (Bank, Pharmaceuticals, Energy)?
14:00 ? The Future of Airlines
17:25 ? How do you Avoid Companies that Overpromise (Like Nikola Motors)?
19:30 ? The Detriments of Over-Saving (Saving or Investing?)
21:40 ? Kevin O?Leary?s Solution to Investing (Beanstox App)
27:20 ? The Catastrophe of Over-Saving
29:20 ? Is Fintech a Threat to Big Banks?
32:15 ? Is Oil a Dead Sector for Investing?
34:23 ? What Technology Do Your Companies Use (Latest Trends in Tech)?
38:36 ? How Would Kevin Grow The Market Is Open & TMIO Tesla?
40:20 ? Kevin?s Final Advice
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