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Marubozu candlestick trading - best Japanese candlestick patterns

What is a Marubozu Candlestick Pattern?
The marubozu candlestick pattern is formed by a single candle. In the Japanese language, the word "Marubozu" means ?Bald?. Deriving from that, a perfect marubozu means a candle with no upper or lower shadow. It will only have a real body. A marubozu candle can be of two types - the bullish marubozu and the bearish marubozu.
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This pattern is a strong indication of trend reversal or trend continuation depending on where it appears.
It may be a bearish or bullish candle. The color of the candle matters a lot as a bullish marubozu in uptrend implies trend continuation whereas in a downtrend it means trend reversal. For bearish marubozu it's just opposite. Hence, you must take into consideration the color of the candle while doing technical analysis.
What does a Marubozu pattern tell you?
The Marubozu sends a powerful message - the market is trending in one direction. If you break down the candle, you can see that the asset's price trades in one direction throughout the session.
This characteristic is applicable to Marubozu open and close candles despite small wicks to either of the sides as buying or selling interest was so strong that it overwhelmed the other side of the market.
For bearish Marubozu candles, the pattern signals that the sellers are in full control as they dominated the session in the desired direction, and vice versa for the bullish Marubozu candles. Marubozu is especially important if the candle occurs near the resistance or support levels, as it can open on one side and close on the other side, and further add to the current trend.
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