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The FASTEST Way To Pay Off Debt

FIRST: Understand EXACTLY what debt you have.
Make a list and write down ALL of your debt, and include the remaining balance owed and the current interest rate that your paying.

SECOND: Track all of your spending over the next 30 days
You need to figure out, DOWN TO THE PENNY, how much money is going IN your account each month - and then, how much is LEAVING IT

1. The first is Mint.com
2. My second recommendation that I've used is PersonalCapital.com
3. And third, you could also use a software called YouNeedABudget

The whole point of this is just to be aware of where your money is going, and from that, you can better figure out how to put best use to where it's going.


Your ?NEED TO SPEND? list might be the bare minimum food budget, your housing payment, your insurance payment, or anything else that's absolutely ESSENTIAL.

Then, the other expense column will be your WANT TO SPEND?this could be anything else.

FOURTH: You need to REMOVE EVERYTHING you possibly can from your ?WANT TO SPEND? category.
I also recommend, when doing this, that you consider SELLING some of the things you don't need, or are costing you a ridiculous amount of money.

FIFTH: Look into debt consolidation
In addition to this, you could also look into getting a 0% interest credit card - and transferring the credit card balance to THAT card to save on the interest.

The first method is called the SNOWBALL METHOD, popularized by the one and only?DAVE RAMSEY.
This method suggests that you pay off your smallest balance first, then slowly work up to your way up to the largest balance until it's all paid off.

The next is called the avalanche method. Instead of arranging your debts by total balance, you arrange them from the highest interest rate first, to the lowest interest rate last. This ensures that you're putting your money towards its best use, which will cost you the LEAST amount of money in the long term if you stick with it.

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