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The Kodak Scandal (A Picture of Corporate Greed)

Kodak, the iconic film and camera company, has suffered a fall over recent years. However, in 2020, it seemed the former titan would make a recovery after it made headlines regarding a $765 M loan from the U.S. Government in 2020. The deal seemed all but done given the positive comments by Donald Trump and other U.S. Government officials?its stock price initially soared over 27 times on the news, and the media widely reported about the comeback of the former giant. However, a scandal ensued because Jim Continenza, the CEO of Kodak, was granted stock options at a very opportune time. This video goes through the history of Kodak and details the 2020 scandal.

Do you think that Kodak should still be given the loan and what do you think the future holds for the former giant?

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What is Kodak? 14:31

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