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Trading the Cup and Handle - Stock Chart Pattern

Cup and Handle Pattern:
-It is a continuation pattern.
-Discovered in 1988 by William O'Neil. I recommend his book How to Make Money in Stocks.
-You need a previous trend in order to have a continuation pattern.
-When the pattern trickles down the "handle" the volume will be slowly declining.
-Once it breaks the "handle," the volume needs to be very high.
-Remember that the "cup" of the pattern needs to be a "U" shape and not a "V" shape. A "V" shape is likely to be a Double Bottom or a Double Top.
-The "cup" is gradual, it is about a 1/3 retracement from the previous uptrend, and goes back down to re-calibrate itself.
-You want to enter or add to your position when it breaks the "handle."

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